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Please read this before filling out the application

TNYCC Rules and Regulations


The New York City Concours organizers and selection committee welcome your application for consideration for our exhibition in Manhattan on the Rooftop of Pier 17 on Saturday, 14 September 2024. 


We will review all applications and contact you whether you are selected or not to be in the show. The deadline for entries is 14 August 2024.


The organizers and their appointed representatives reserve the right to accept only vehicles meeting the standards of The New York City Concours, as determined by the organizers. Replica vehicles are not eligible for this event.

The New York City Concours will take place rain or shine. Applying for selection means you are committed to bringing your vehicle even if there is inclement weather.


All classes for display and judging is determined by The New York City Concours and are subject to change in order to curate and create the best show possible. All decisions by the judges are final.


For-sale or advertising signage is not allowed on show field vehicles.


Each vehicle must have a UL-approved and fully-charged fire extinguisher (1lb. dry chemical or halon for motorcycles, 2 ½ lbs. for cars.)


Please make sure your battery is charged.


Most important rule - Have fun!

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Check here to view our Release of Liability Terms and Conditions policy.

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